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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Great Amul Ads !

Best of Amul Ads
These ads are simply great and hilarious and are related the current events. Too good.


Amul is an Indian Milk products company.

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Online Music

I came across Dhingana which provides you free streaming Indian music online. It alows you to create a playlist of your favorite songs. It has have all the latest Bollywood music lined up, along with oldies, pop albums, ghazals, bhajans with regional music in Marathi.

From Quickonlinetips: I searched through many Indian music sites, but I think Indian music lovers should definitely tune in to Dhingana to listen to free streaming Indian music online. and i agree with that too.

for english songs you can go to Pandora: Internet Radio, where you can listen to free music for your choice of artist, genre. this is also a great project.

Web 2.0: How High-Volume eBay Manages Its Storage

The ultrapopular auction/sales Web site continues its exponential growth and finds itself adding 10 terabytes of new storage every week. That's a lot of data.

  • The site averages more than 1 billion page views per day.
  • Users trade about $1,700 worth of goods on the site every second.
  • A vehicle sells every minute.
  • A motor part or accessory sells every second.
  • Diamond jewelry sells every 2 minutes.
  • The site currently has about 600 million listings and about 204 million registered users.

  •
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