Sunday, June 26, 2005

Itrans_Prv : Project Page up

An Emacs Plugin for previewing Itrans and Latex File

Project Webpage Up.
Webpage has Image Previews of Itrans_Prv working.
Also embedded a Flash intro of how the package works.
Embedding of flash done by vnc2swf screen recorder.
Image Previews Preview1 Preview2

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Introduction :

Me and Sachin started on Shout-Box for the Ethos community
of which we both are in the development team. Earlier we
decided to do it in Javascript but realized soon that it will be
much easier in php. We found out some sample shoutbox code and
started modifying it according to our needs. What we do is pass the
shouts as a POST request into a frame where it adds the shout to a
file and then displays it in the same frame.
Shout Box in Action

Current Features :

  • Instant posting of shouts.
  • Support for upto 20 different types of smilies
  • Username support
  • Timestamp of every message posted
  • Old posts deleted auutomatically

Features to be Implemented:

  • Writing it in Javascript totally for ease of portability.
  • A nice smilie selection window where you can just click on the smilie and it will appear on the post.
  • More efficient file handling.
  • Use of MySql database for storing the posts.(This will make searching/displaying of posts much more easier)

Firefox Extension

Me and Kshitij are working on a firefox extension Itranslator
that converts and selected itrans text to Unicode that is being
supported by Firefox (Better if pango enabled). Earlier we were using
a server which was hosting scrits for itrans to unnicode conversion.
But now (in Newer Version) we are doing this conversion with help of
Javascript which is part of extension itself. In javascript we have
made an array so that each character is mapped to unicode
character according to Itrans standard. The real fight was in mapping
of character where two or three character like ("kha", "cha")
combinely map to a single unicode character which causes
problem for other mapped character.
I would like to thank Harsh for helping us with his script he used in
message box at Varta

Emacs Plugin for Itrans : Itrans_Prv

This summer (after my 4th sem is over) Me and Me and Kshitij are
working on Project under guidance Prof. Siva Kumar to develop an
WYSIWYG type editor for Itrans (Indian Language Support).

Here is a brief overview of our project:
* Select any itrans/latex text that is between valid tags. Now you can select
option from menu for prview of this region. (See Preview1) .
* You can preview many such region in emacs window.
* You can select option "Remove all preview" from Itrans menu to remove all preview of all regions.
* With "continuous preview" option you can view preview in seperate gv (ghost view) window.(Preview 2)
* In "continuous preview" mode you can edit text and preview gets automatically updated in gv.

You can download it from here .

Itrans_Prv : Project Page up

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My Firefox extensions

The most interseting feature of firefox is to add extra funnctionality and features through extensions. By extensions you can extends the capabilities of browser which makes firefox a leading browser.So I'm posting here about my favourite firefox extension :

Tabbrowser Preference: It allows you to open link in new tabs. Also add functionality to middle click to open links in new tab.But newer versions of firefox already have this feature.

FoxyTunes: It allows you to control any media player without leaving browser. It has many features like keyboard short-cuts, skinnable, volume control, Track information.

All-in-one-mouse-gestures: Allows you to play with browser using mouse-gestures (can be user defined) . It increases speed of browsing by customization , tab and history scrolling and many more navigation aids.

Googlebar:It gives you the advanced search features of google search like search images, search particular site, search via special google site( like linux search , dictionary search, scholar search). It also add features for Google blog.

Download Manager Tweak : The Download Manager Tweak extension replaces the default Firefox download manager with a customized version. The customized version allows you to open download manager either in a seperate window, the sidebar, or a new tab.

Web developers (for firefox as developer tool) :The Web Developer extension is a toolbar (among other tools) that allows you to visually see how a website is created. Using this extension, it is easy to view various information about the website, such as the size of images. It also allows you to outline elements of the site, such as tables and other block elements. If you develop web pages for a living or as a hobby, or simply want to learn more about HTML, XHTML and CSS definitely install this extension.

There are many more extension available on :

Updated list extended to include this : My Firefox extensions (2)
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Monday, June 20, 2005

Desktop Screenshot

Desktop Screenshot
Originally uploaded by Burad.
My Desktop customized with karamba themes.

My Batchmates

My Batchmates
Originally uploaded by Burad.
With My batchmates at chanderi terk

Preview Latex

This is an in-line latex viewer for emacs.The purpose of preview-latex is to embed LaTeX environments such as display math or figures into the source buffers and switch conveniently between source and image representation.It replaces the latex text with its preview.

When we tried it ,it could generate previews of only sections,sub-sections and mathematical formula. So a small trick could be used to preview any part of a latex document be it tables, enumerations, paragraphs or any kind of fonts.Just place the part to be previewed in the '\begin{figure}' and '\end{figure}' tags.And now preview latex will generate preview for this part of the document.

Previewing itrans text
can be used to preview itrans text.But the itrans text cannot be
directly modified and previewed in the latex file.We have to first
compile the .itx file using itrans and then the resulting .tex file can
be used for generating previews for the itrans text.
We have to use the '\begin{figure}' and '\end{figure}' tags for previewing this also.

Hindi Presentation using Beamer

In this presentation we have implimented the following features :

1) Beamer has predesigned themes that can be modified as required.We have used one of the themes.
2) Beamer supports pgf package which can be used for making geometrical figures and graphs. (In slide 8 )
3) Images (in .eps format) can be used in the presentation.
4) Frames once declared can be used thereafter in the presentation with dynamic effects (one by one appearance of the blocks). In page 11,12,13 of the sample presentation.
5) There are inbuilt buttons associated with the template like next slide,previous slide,last slide.
6) Buttons that link to some other page can also be declared. (In slide 15 of the presentation)
7) Frame information and section/subsection information is displayed at the top of the template. (Inbuilt feature of the template)

Including Hindi in the Presentation
class is used in latex file (.tex file).So for including hindi we
started with .itx file with the same content as the latex file and
added hindi font paths and itrans text to it.Then we applied itrans to
it.The resultant tex file was could be converted to a pdf file using latex+dvips+ps2pdf.

file with beamer can also be converted to pdf using pdflatex on tex
file.But due to some font path problem it is not recognizing hindi

The presentation can be downloaded from the following link :

View Readme for details.

The source .itx files can be found here.


Beamer is a latex class used to prepare presentations. It is not
a WYSIWYG program. It can easily create dynamic effects.
Pre-designed themes can be used to make presentations.
The layout,the color,the fonts can be globally changed.
Beamer can be used with pdflatex and latex+dvips commands.

Beamer can be used to add audio and video file in the presentation.
This can be done in two ways:

1) By calling an external program to play the audio or video file.
Using the '\href' we can run an external program eg. mplayer,xmms.
This has been implemented in the sample files at the following link:
(View Readme first) Sample-beamer.pdf
Find rest files here

2) The multimedia package of beamer has commands such as
'\sound' and '\movie' that enable us to embed movied and
sounds in pdf files.Using this the data of the sound file can be
completely embedded in the a pdf file and hence no need to
carry the sound file along.The package can play movie in the
presentation itself.
We still have to implement this.

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Lyx (Basic Idea)

As I told earlier that i'm working on WYSIWYG type editor for latex .So here is one of them and i thought to put them on blog so as to help others.


A tool for preparing presentations that can be exported in various formats like ps,PDF,HTML.
1) Adding images :
While exporting images are first converted to eps format and then
added to the file. When an image of a format other than .eps is
added to a lyx file, the application is able to convert the image to
.eps but after that it is unable to create the final document.
The application works fine when the image in the lyx file is of .eps format.
2) Adding special characters and mathematical symbols :
There is a maths panel that can be used to insert various
mathematical formulae and symbols such as root, summation,
integral, operators. It also has options for inserting special
characters and greek symbols.
3) Text formatting :
The application has options for formatting the text in paragraphs,
sections, enumerations etc. The document being prepared can
also be viewed in various formats before exporting it.
Sample files are at the following link :

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Shout Box

Me and Sachin were working on a php script for shout box(online chatting on a webpage) .
We just completed it.Here is link for Shout-Box .Looks can be modified as needed.If any one is needing code just mail me at

Rubik's Cube

Learned solving rubik's cube.My friend Sachin helped me a lot in this.Right now it takes me 3:45min - 4:00 min to solve it.
So here are few link that will be helpful in learning that:

Rubik Cube Timer :

Summer Project

Doing project with Kshitij under Prof Shiva Kumar this summer. The aim of project is to develop some language tool to support indian language.Or to associate language support in emacs with latex formatting so that you ae able to see preview of what you are writing.
Already existing tools :

  • Preview-Latex
  • Whizzytex
  • Lyx

Wing Treat

Originally uploaded by Burad.
Wing Treat to Le meridian
From left to right: Rahul ,Manwani,Myself

McD Treat

Originally uploaded by Burad.
At McD treat after 4th sem's midsem were over.
from left o right: Aditya,Animesh,Sachin