Monday, June 20, 2005

Preview Latex

This is an in-line latex viewer for emacs.The purpose of preview-latex is to embed LaTeX environments such as display math or figures into the source buffers and switch conveniently between source and image representation.It replaces the latex text with its preview.

When we tried it ,it could generate previews of only sections,sub-sections and mathematical formula. So a small trick could be used to preview any part of a latex document be it tables, enumerations, paragraphs or any kind of fonts.Just place the part to be previewed in the '\begin{figure}' and '\end{figure}' tags.And now preview latex will generate preview for this part of the document.

Previewing itrans text
can be used to preview itrans text.But the itrans text cannot be
directly modified and previewed in the latex file.We have to first
compile the .itx file using itrans and then the resulting .tex file can
be used for generating previews for the itrans text.
We have to use the '\begin{figure}' and '\end{figure}' tags for previewing this also.

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