Monday, June 20, 2005

Hindi Presentation using Beamer

In this presentation we have implimented the following features :

1) Beamer has predesigned themes that can be modified as required.We have used one of the themes.
2) Beamer supports pgf package which can be used for making geometrical figures and graphs. (In slide 8 )
3) Images (in .eps format) can be used in the presentation.
4) Frames once declared can be used thereafter in the presentation with dynamic effects (one by one appearance of the blocks). In page 11,12,13 of the sample presentation.
5) There are inbuilt buttons associated with the template like next slide,previous slide,last slide.
6) Buttons that link to some other page can also be declared. (In slide 15 of the presentation)
7) Frame information and section/subsection information is displayed at the top of the template. (Inbuilt feature of the template)

Including Hindi in the Presentation
class is used in latex file (.tex file).So for including hindi we
started with .itx file with the same content as the latex file and
added hindi font paths and itrans text to it.Then we applied itrans to
it.The resultant tex file was could be converted to a pdf file using latex+dvips+ps2pdf.

file with beamer can also be converted to pdf using pdflatex on tex
file.But due to some font path problem it is not recognizing hindi

The presentation can be downloaded from the following link :

View Readme for details.

The source .itx files can be found here.

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