Saturday, June 25, 2005

Emacs Plugin for Itrans : Itrans_Prv

This summer (after my 4th sem is over) Me and Me and Kshitij are
working on Project under guidance Prof. Siva Kumar to develop an
WYSIWYG type editor for Itrans (Indian Language Support).

Here is a brief overview of our project:
* Select any itrans/latex text that is between valid tags. Now you can select
option from menu for prview of this region. (See Preview1) .
* You can preview many such region in emacs window.
* You can select option "Remove all preview" from Itrans menu to remove all preview of all regions.
* With "continuous preview" option you can view preview in seperate gv (ghost view) window.(Preview 2)
* In "continuous preview" mode you can edit text and preview gets automatically updated in gv.

You can download it from here .

Itrans_Prv : Project Page up

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