Saturday, June 25, 2005


Introduction :

Me and Sachin started on Shout-Box for the Ethos community
of which we both are in the development team. Earlier we
decided to do it in Javascript but realized soon that it will be
much easier in php. We found out some sample shoutbox code and
started modifying it according to our needs. What we do is pass the
shouts as a POST request into a frame where it adds the shout to a
file and then displays it in the same frame.
Shout Box in Action

Current Features :

  • Instant posting of shouts.
  • Support for upto 20 different types of smilies
  • Username support
  • Timestamp of every message posted
  • Old posts deleted auutomatically

Features to be Implemented:

  • Writing it in Javascript totally for ease of portability.
  • A nice smilie selection window where you can just click on the smilie and it will appear on the post.
  • More efficient file handling.
  • Use of MySql database for storing the posts.(This will make searching/displaying of posts much more easier)

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