Monday, June 20, 2005


Beamer is a latex class used to prepare presentations. It is not
a WYSIWYG program. It can easily create dynamic effects.
Pre-designed themes can be used to make presentations.
The layout,the color,the fonts can be globally changed.
Beamer can be used with pdflatex and latex+dvips commands.

Beamer can be used to add audio and video file in the presentation.
This can be done in two ways:

1) By calling an external program to play the audio or video file.
Using the '\href' we can run an external program eg. mplayer,xmms.
This has been implemented in the sample files at the following link:
(View Readme first) Sample-beamer.pdf
Find rest files here

2) The multimedia package of beamer has commands such as
'\sound' and '\movie' that enable us to embed movied and
sounds in pdf files.Using this the data of the sound file can be
completely embedded in the a pdf file and hence no need to
carry the sound file along.The package can play movie in the
presentation itself.
We still have to implement this.

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virens said...

Thanks for usefull post about beamer. Could yuo post some more tips and tricks about it?

Stuart said...

Could you post specifically the \movie command to embed a .mov/.avi/.mpg in a pdf?

Anonymous said...

according to multimedia.sty:
\newcommand\sound[3][]{% [etc...]

takes 3 arguments. But i don't know what those are.any hints ?