Monday, June 20, 2005

Lyx (Basic Idea)

As I told earlier that i'm working on WYSIWYG type editor for latex .So here is one of them and i thought to put them on blog so as to help others.


A tool for preparing presentations that can be exported in various formats like ps,PDF,HTML.
1) Adding images :
While exporting images are first converted to eps format and then
added to the file. When an image of a format other than .eps is
added to a lyx file, the application is able to convert the image to
.eps but after that it is unable to create the final document.
The application works fine when the image in the lyx file is of .eps format.
2) Adding special characters and mathematical symbols :
There is a maths panel that can be used to insert various
mathematical formulae and symbols such as root, summation,
integral, operators. It also has options for inserting special
characters and greek symbols.
3) Text formatting :
The application has options for formatting the text in paragraphs,
sections, enumerations etc. The document being prepared can
also be viewed in various formats before exporting it.
Sample files are at the following link :

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