Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hardware Abuse

Some of the things people do to computers is downright painful.
Read this funny doc to go through how people mess up with their comp

  • Tech Support: "Sir, your computer has no AGP slots, and this is an AGP video card."
  • Customer: "Yeah, but the card fit perfectly into the little white slot."
  • Tech Support: "Which white slot?"
  • Customer: "There's five of them -- little white ones. There's a spare one."
  • Tech Support: "The PCI slot? shouldn't...let me check."

  • Tech Support : "Sir, wait a second. Let me see if I just heard you
    correctly. Did you just say you were inserting and removing the modem
    while the system was up and running?"
  • Customer: "Well, yeah, I did it both ways."
  • Tech Support: "Sir, I recommend that you do NOT do that. You could seriously
    damage your hardware."
  • Customer: "Well, that's what I thought Plug and Play meant!"

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