Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Open webpages in sidebar

Yesterday i found this great way to store some imp bookmarks in your sidebar. And you can create different sidebar for each such collection. Like for my bookmarks click here.
Now you can save this bookmark (may be in bookmark toolbar folder) and use it.

This link is a javascript :

javascript:window.sidebar.addPanel('title of sidebar','url of sidebar panel','');

So now you can point to any URL. and that URL will open in sidebar with given title.
atleast Works with Firefox

Update: Run google talk in firefox sidebar

You can click here: Add google chat to sidebar
Add Digg|River
A bookmarklet to bookmark websites to open in sidebar. click here
Also read : Webpages for Sidebar

1 comment:

Shib said...

very useful - mashed with toodledo.com and is better than the firefox extension...

thanks for posting..