Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Toolbar 2.0

Yesterday I was working late night till 3AM, to update my extension 'My Toolbar' which I made long back in October 2006. Reason was to make it work for newer versions of firefox. But then I added some new features too :

  • I added a Explore feature which is similar to Stumble.
  • Checking cookies to verify authentication. (You can find more details on how to read browser cookies from javascript here. Actually It uses nsICookieManager interface to iterate over all of the cookies.
Try My 2.0 (Right now you may have to login to access the extension as it's in Sandbox.)

I also noticed that mozilla has redesigned the extension page. They have also added a nice statistics Dashboard for extension, provided graphical representation of number of downloads, active daily users etc. I was surprised to see that older version of My has reached a total download of 11,200 (not that a big number but still surprising for me) and number of active user around 1000.

Try My 2.0 and provide feedback.

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