Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Firefox Tips

  • Bookmark
    Just drag the URL icon (in location bar) to the bookmark toolbar (and may be then to specific folder) to bookmark that URL.

  • Setting Homepage
    With firefox you can set two or more pages as Homepage simultaneously. Just Goto to Preferences-> then write two or more Homepage Locations using "|" . Example: | |
    you can add a pipe and a new URL after it.

  • Setting Alias
    If you want to set an alias for a long URL. for example if you want to set alias "gm" for then do : Just bookmark the page you want... Than right-clik on the bookmark -> Properties and type the alias for that URL in "Keyword". For example here set alias "gm". Now in location bar if you type "gm" and enter then it wll take you to "".

  • Increasing/Decreasing Font Size ... Use Ctrl + / Ctrl -
  • Smart Keywords : more details here
some more usefull tips can be found here


shantanu said...

Setting Alias - (Advance)
Alias can be very useful if used to access the search box on that page.
You can directly type the search word in the address bar following the keyword.

1) Visit your favorite site, for e.g.
2) Right click in the search bar and choose Add a keyword for this search...
3) Type the keyword "maps"

Now to search for mumbai map
maps mumbai
in the address bar.

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