Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Solving Rubik's Cube

Updated post here
For Begginers ..

Advanced Methods ..
Java Applets for Cubing
Cube Timer.Wallpaper
Rubiks Cube Wallpaper

A great collection of wide variety of rubik cube and its derivative puzzles Magic Polyhedra and Other Sequential Movement Puzzles

Try Rubik Cube Timer made in Adobe AIR Read about it

Or Try Rubik Timer as Google Gadget Read about it

Some tips by Sachin on how to improve your timings : How I am becoming fast


Sachin said...

Burad has developed a nice timer and i have no timer when im on linux and so i use his timer. I dont know why but i always break my previous averages when i use his timer. I got my best BLD time on his timer and also today got my best 3x3 avg here itself. Something spooky is going on :)

Dan said...

Here's another nice rubik's cube timer. It's an online timer, but it's dressed up a bit and keeps a log of your times and averages.

Josi said...

I switched from Lars Petrus method to Roux method.

It needs some time to get used to it, but it is very convincing.

Dan said...

Thanks for posting a link to my rubik's timer on your blog. I've made some updates to it recently. Check it out!

Anonymous said...

How I solved that thing...