Thursday, February 15, 2007

GPRS on Mobile

Yesterday I activated GPRS on my mobile (nokia 6030) ...its quite cheap( 10paise/10kb)
So I tried different pages which works for mobile

  • Yahoo Searh
  • Flickr :
  • Google Mpas:
Some more websites which works on mobile can be found here : Mobile Compatibe Wesites

So I thougth i should have a mobile webpage too.. so i searched for it and found this great tutorial on w3schools: WAP/WML tutorial. It has also got a demo page which works with explorer only but it contains simple and good examples explaining basic features of wml along with preview on how it looks on mobile.
The WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) protocol is the leading standard for information services on wireless terminals like digital mobile phones. WML stands for Wireless Markup Language. It is a mark-up language inherited from HTML, but WML is based on XML, so it is much stricter than HTML.
Tutorial was pretty i create my own pae which works on mobile. You can access it at:, though it contain my pic, blog address and some content only(I will add some more content). WML supports wbmp(which is black & white) image format,( you can convert image to wbmp using It als o supports jpg format. One more thing while designing your pages for mobile, you can opera to see how it looks as it supports wml files. Or check it at online wap emulator: WapTiger
Some more links : Wap Tutorials(haven't tried yet).

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Vinod Ponmanadiyil said...

I think its time for you to try
Its an awesome software for low-bandwidth GPRS Mobile browsing.

Ajit said...

Thanks..i'll try that..

Orthorectification said...

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